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BroadSoft Government Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based Unified Communications (UCaaS) solution designed specifically to address the telecommunication and collaboration needs of government agencies.

Ranging from basic voice telephone services to high-definition multipoint video and mobile integration, BroadSoft Government Cloud redefines workplace efficiency in the public sector.

Staff can be instantly available via desk phone, PC, tablet or mobile phone, while working from virtually anywhere.


Carrier-Class Mission Advantage with Compliance & Performance

Maintain security vigilance without compromising performance requires a native cloud and native app development philosophy….we don’t stop at FedRAMP compliance

BroadSoft Government Cloud is built on a standards-based architecture and maintains 8 major security and compliance badges

Nothing replaces experience! BroadSoft has been UC stewards for 20 years and has taken a leadership role in UCaaS

BroadSoft Government Cloud is available on WITS3, GSA Schedule 70 and EIS through our partner network

Innovating The New Gov Workplace

Mobile Staffers

Engage and collaborate smarter, faster and seamlessly across agencies


Now the secure UC experience can be extended out into home office

Government Executives

Modernization can be easy and improve workforce performance, while enhancing citizen services


Lower your communications TCO with secure, carrier-class UCaaS

Benefits of BroadSoft Federal

Reduce Costs

Our standards-based OPEX contract solution replaces aging PBX hardware with cloud-based services — thereby eliminating spiraling support costs and the need for costly new capital investments.

Benefit from Interoperability

Our open, industry-standard protocols and application programming interfaces ensure broad compatibility of BroadSoft applications across network equipment, endpoints and apps, including Microsoft 365, and other productivity tools.

Scale Up or Down to Meet Demand

Our cloud-based applications can support millions of users, anywhere on the planet.

Depend on Carrier-Grade Reliability

Our secure, trusted infrastructure delivers the “five nines” reliability you need for mission readiness.

Comply with Critical Regulatory Policies

Our UC-One solution supports 911 and CALEA Lawful Intercept and has achieved a FISMA Moderate impact-level accreditation. In addition, both our BroadCloud® managed services platform and UC-One applications have been submitted for FedRAMP accreditation.

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