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Tips and Best Practices for Migrating Your Public Sector Network to the Cloud

Work Smarter With One System!

Is your team still using separate apps for voice calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen-sharing and other must-have functions? If so, it’s time to take a close look at BroadSoft Government’s voice, network, cloud and security solutions.

Why bring together your organization’s voice, video, voice mail, instant messaging, presence, conferencing and web collaboration on a single platform?
Sanity, for one — your scattered notifications, missed chats and meeting alerts will be organized and presented on your device in a streamlined manner, saving you time and boosting your efficiency. Even better, there’s zero hardware to install. That means you can fast-track new benefits for quick returns.
Fast Fact:
Nearly seven out of 10 public sector organizations say unified communications is an important priority.
More Scale, Redundancy and Power – Less Equipment
When you give up your PBX and move to the cloud, you get huge scale and redundancy gains. With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), you can easily grow or shrink your number of seats as the size of your organization changes. And services are delivered over the BroadSoft Government high-performance network platform for improved uptime and reliability.

Everyday tasks become a breeze.
Consider these examples:


Scheduling meetings is easier since BroadSoft Government solutions integrate with popular calendar apps like Outlook and Gmail.


HD-quality audio and video make it easier to see, hear and understand your team.


Click to record and you can share what happens with those who can’t be there in real time.


Click-to-join meeting invites let you bypass punching in long phone numbers and access codes.


It’s easy to share your desktop and securely chat with both internal and external parties during conference calls.

Your organization will have the tools they need to deliver professional service, anywhere.

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Features Help Productivity Soar.
“Cut the cord” to save time and money.
Traditional phone systems are designed around specific devices. You dial a particular phone on a particular desk hoping to reach someone.
And if they aren’t there? Let the phone tag begin!

With UCaaS, you call people instead. One number can follow you through your day, regardless of where you are. Work at your desk or somewhere else. Use a PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone or office phone. Android or iOS, the choice is yours.

Here are a few of the many features you’ll enjoy:


Multidevice Ringing:
It’s easy for calls to follow you so you'll miss fewer calls and important work keeps moving.


Presence/Instant Messaging:
Our UC-One application displays your status so others can see whether you are available, busy, in a meeting, mobile or offline. Customize your own personal status and personalize your location as well.


Multimodal Communications:
Start a conversation on your laptop at your desk and end it on your phone as you drive home with just a click of a button.


Mobile Clients:
Employees work from their device of choice while keeping their personal number private and enjoy features like your cell phone calls looking as if they're made from an office phone. IT enjoys the cost savings of leveraging employee-owned devices, easily and securely.

End Admin Headaches

Reduce your IT burden by shifting tech investments and maintenance to a single service provider. You no longer need separate administration for IM, voice, video and web conferencing. Instead, you get a single, fully integrated and centrally managed solution. 

You also get flexibility.

You can easily tailor your new services to support the many job functions in your organization – from contact center agents and office-based professionals to field-based mobile workers.

The move to UCaaS is easy.

Everything is “plug-and-play,” and no down time is required to make the switch. Using UCaaS services is highly intuitive, so little training is required.

Streamline Your Communications Today

Contact the BroadSoft Government team for a free assessment (link to form) of how moving to cloud communication services can help your organization work smarter and fulfill its mission. We specialize in solutions for state and local government agencies and educational institutions of all sizes.